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    Saturday, April 21, 2007


    Just thought I'd pop in with an update....
    The blanket was laid out and tied together in strips last weekend - a good 1/2 day undertaking! The girls helped secure the squares into strips for me to help save my back and I have one strip crocheted together. I had hoped to have much more done this week since it is vacation week, but life came first this week. I finally went to the doctor - since I've been sick since the first week in March - came home with nasal spray, inhaler, antibiotics and antihistamines - I'm told its bronchitis and two ears blocked with fluid. Ah well, I may be going back as the antibiotics don't seem to be doing their thing, and to be honest, I'm tired of feeling as awful as I look! lol
    A co-worker and dear friend of mine received some devastating news this week as her mother (who is just a wonderful woman) had a seizure, brain surgery and was diagnosed with cancer of the brain. The outlook is grim - she has been given "months" and will need constant care. This is such a heartbreaking diagnosis as her Mom has always been such a vital woman who showed no symptoms at all until the seizure. As a matter of fact, she was substitute teaching just last week. Prayers are welcome for this wonderful family.
    Now that the sun is shining again and it is no longer "winter/monsoon" like outside, we are back to playing softball and the girls couldn't be happier! They've won all but one of their first 5 games and have 4 make-up games scheduled so we will be busy watching and cheering them on. The town games will start this week as well and then the travel team practices will begin in the next week or two - all softball-all the time here at Casa Tightly Wound! ;) The parade for the town little league/softball league is tomorrow and we are all grateful for the beautiful weather forecast, although I don't think I'll be marching with the team this year as I am wheezing like a steam engine, I'll be sure to be there cheering them on!
    Lyss and I went shopping a couple of weeks ago for her Prom Dress and once again found the perfect dress for her right away - she is thrilled. I still haven't been able to choose which senior picture I want for the wall and gifts - I've only had them since August - how do you choose when they all come out great? I do have to decide soon as I'd like to have them for Mother's Day for the Grandmothers. We are also trying to plan a surprise 50th Anniversary Party for my parents (it's in two weeks). The problem is the fact that my Mom is so very sick that it's hard to know what the day will be like, and since she can't really go "out" I'd like to see if I can get her here to my house. That way I can decorate and make a nice dinner and surprise her with the little family that is left, along with some of my dear friends who have been a part of our family since my childhood. Wish me luck!
    I'm sorry for the lack of comments on all of your blogs, I just haven't felt up to sitting at the computer, and this week between visiting the hospital, going to the doctor and all of the other appointments for the girls I haven't had a chance.

    I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather (here on the East Coast) this weekend! See you soon!

    Friday, April 06, 2007

    ~Thank You and Bye for Now~

    I'd like to thank those of you that left the more than kind comments regarding Jenn's Blanket (you touched my heart!), and I'd especially like to thank Carrie for her willingness to help put the blanket together - I may just take you up on it!

    I have finished updating the ~ Comforting Jenn ~ Knitters and Squares pages, so if you see an error, or if I missed someone, please let me know and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

    I have been pretty bad at posting to the blog lately, not sure what the problem is, but I mostly feel that the posts are getting pretty boring, and judging from the comments (or lack of them) they probably are! lol I think, therefore, that I will take a bit of a break from blogging and focus on attempting to get this blanket put together inbetween all of the softball games and practices that are now in full swing with the 3 girls. They are collectively on 5 teams right now and it is getting pretty crazy around here. I also need to find more time to spend with my Mom who is failing so much faster now.

    In closing, I'd like to wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter (if you celebrate), and thank you all again for your incredibly beautiful contributions to Jenn's blanket - you have truly touched my heart and I am certain the kindness and love that you knit into every stitch will touch hers as well!

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    To All of You!

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    ~Twenty Years!!!!!!!!!!~

    Twenty years ago today, life, as I never dreamed it could be, began with the birth of my first baby - an adorable little boy we named Matthew. I can remember thinking that I never thought I could love anything or anyone as MUCH as I loved this little boy. He captured my heart and, along with his sisters, holds it still.
    He was an incredibly fun little boy who had a quick wit and great sense of humor - still does. He has an infinite number of friends and is liked by most everyone he meets. He is a wonderful big brother - teasing when he shouldn't and hugging when he should - a loving grandson who always makes time to talk to and visit with his grandparents, and most of all he is a joy to have as a son. He has grown into a kind, caring, considerate and very, very sweet young man.

    He is not here with us for his birthday and won't be able to get home for Easter due to a big Architecture project due on Monday, but we have IM'd him all day, emailed him, called him to sing to him and we hold him in our hearts today as we do every day.
    Happy Birthday dear Matthew - I am so proud to be your Mom and I have been truly blessed to have you for a son. I love you and can't wait for you to come home!