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    Monday, January 23, 2006

    ~and the Beat Goes On......~ updated 1.24.06

    update January 24, 2006
    Some "maybe decent news", it may not be the head gasket on my car, it may just be the intake which, if we can have it fixed would buy us some time finding another vehicle, and help on a trade - keeping my fingers crossed. Today I drove DH's truck to work and when I left work to come home, it wouldn't start - it has been towed Image Hosted by Does anyone know how to remove a BLACK CLOUD? Puppy is worrying me, he has started vomiting again, I'm hoping there is some improvement by tomorrow (please say a prayer if you are so inclined). I have started knitting a mindless 2x2 rib scarf out of Patons Divine, just to keep my sanity intact. I've used larger than the recommended needles~ just because I felt like it ~it is making a lose, funky looking rib and I'm going to keep going just to see what it looks like done. I didn't like working with it at first, but it is getting a bit better now that I took it off the bamboo needles. It certainly is soft worked up. We'll see.
    January 23, 2006
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    For those of you who asked, "the van" is no more (I find that I was more attached to "the van" than I thought I was ~ I actually miss it ~ A LOT). The mechanic has it "glued" together enough to "maybe" get it somewhere to trade in (car dealers like it when the auto that is being traded in can get there on it's own 4 wheels, or so I'm told). We haven't decided what we are going to do yet, so I'm driving my son's car, or my DH's truck (I much prefer the truck). Getting around has been a challenge with the travel softball team practices for the three girls starting up, along with pitching and the clinics we are running, but I have hope :).

    We had a SNOW DAY today! YAY - no school :). NAY - couldn't get to the dentist :(. I had to bring my little "chocolate boy" Beau to the vet this afternoon, as he has had some "intestinal issues" the last few days - turns out he has Colitis, which I'm told will calm down in a few days, but until then he is eating rice and boiled ground beef and taking medication for 7 days :( Good Lord!

    I have NO FO's to report, I do have an unknit to report...... It seems that the ready to be bound off artist glove that was on the table beside my chair last night when I went to bed, became the cat's new toy during the night. You DON'T EVEN want to KNOW what it looked like when I got up. I grabbed the digital camera to take a picture to share with you all, but it seems that I forgot to CHARGE the %$^&# batteries.

    I have boiled up 6 lbs of ground beef and am making massive quantities of rice for the furry boy, I'm practicing my deep breathing and I am going to KNIT SOMETHING tonight! (and store it in a ziplock freezer bag on top of the refrigerator- that'll teach the kitty mwwaahahaha!

    Comments on "~and the Beat Goes On......~ updated 1.24.06"


    Anonymous Bethe said ... (1/23/2006) : 

    No matter how innocent the cat appears to be, they are demons in disguise. As cute as he is, don't let the dog fool you either...eventually the cat will lure him to the dark side.


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (1/24/2006) : 

    Cats are knitting demons!! Kittie, our Maine Coon, last year lovingly chewed on sewing needle making them useless to work with, so since then I've kept everything under tight wraps-either in a bag with a drawstrings or zippers, which are the best. Somehow they figure out the old throw-the-blanket-over-your-knitting trick and manage to get their noses under it. Now we have two of these monsters hunting innocent knitting needles, so you know why I have loads of knitting bags with loads of zippers.


    Blogger candsmom said ... (1/24/2006) : 

    I'm so sorry to hear about the van. Having to share cars must make it a lot more challenging to take the girls around. And poor Beau! I didn't even realize that dogs could get colitis. Poor guy! It's so daunting for humans to have deal with, but at least they know what's going on and why they're suffering. Hope he's feeling better and on the mend soon. What a bad cat!! I think cats and toddlers may be yarn's worst nemesis. ;-) Take care, Cathy! :-)


    Anonymous Amy said ... (1/25/2006) : 

    I'll be interested to see how the Divine scarf ends up - I've got a fair bit in my stash because of an order mixup from Herrschners & hadn't decided what to do with it.


    Blogger Karen said ... (1/25/2006) : 

    I like your scarf - and sometimes a mindless knit is just the ticket. I'll be sending healing thoughts to Beau . . . and the vehicles!!!


    Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said ... (1/26/2006) : 

    oh, wow! Sounds like you have had a really crappy couple of weeks. I hope everything works out! :-)


    Blogger country-gospel-singer said ... (1/27/2006) : 

    I do not knit, but will keep you in prayer for the cars and pet. Many blessings, Janie


    Blogger Nancy said ... (1/28/2006) : 

    I always have to do a little "sanity" knitting each day too. I have a tendency to stay up too late most of the time though. What a choice --sleep or knit?

    I saw below where you stocked up on some Paton's Classic Merino. I just love that stuff.


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