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    Friday, January 13, 2006

    ~A Week of Mondays~

    This is the "Monday culmination post" I promise the next post will contain knitting content! ;)

    This is a week to be wiped off the books, I won't go into everything that happened, it would take too long to read. I did learn a few things, however.

    1. When the spring lets go on an electric garage door opener, it sounds like an explosion!
    2. The spring doesn't let go after you've come home and have no place you MUST be..... it breaks when you need to leave again for work AND pick up two people on your way.
    3. I am prone to fits of maniacal laughter when I am stressed.
    4. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to lift a garage door that HAS NO HANDLE!!!!!!!!!
    5. I am very grateful that I have a 19 year old son who was strong enough to lift the door after wedging his fingers underneath it.
    6. Being efficient is virtually impossible when your computer is not hooked up to a printer, an internet connection and/or the network it should be.
    7. There are people in this world who aren't happy unless they are MISERABLE.
    8. The aforementioned people will go out of their way to make everyone around them just as miserable, or more so if that is possible.
    9. Stomach viruses last FOREVER.
    10. My son is much calmer than I am- i.e., if someone broke into my car, stole my stereo face plate and cd's I would be MORE THAN PISSED OFF!
    11. I enjoy his company and sense of humor more and more.
    12. Slipping on ice with a bad back is NOT a good thing!
    13. Sometimes the toothache you had is less painful than the toothache you have AFTER you go to the dentist.
    14. Talking is causing me pain, which is either a good or bad thing - depending upon who you are talking to.
    15. Breathing cold outside air with my mouth open is the cause of some serious pain.
    16. I love my dentist, but I HATE going to the dentist.
    17. Advil is my very BEST friend right now.
    18. Being afraid to eat might just jump start the diet I need to go on.
    19. If something can go wrong during a week such as this....... it will.
    20. It's almost over.

    Oh, and if you have a minute...... would you take pity on me and "de-lurk" for de-lurking week? I'd love to know who comes to visit me here.

    Comments on "~A Week of Mondays~"


    Blogger candsmom said ... (1/14/2006) : 

    Oh no, Cathy! Hugs to you. I'm so sorry you're having such a terrible week! :-( From the garage door to tooth pain, it seems like everything has just gone wrong. I really thought things were going to get better for you after Monday. Of course, I'd forgotten that this was the week of Friday the 13th, ack! I'm sure the weekend holds only GOOD things in store for you- you so deserve a break after a week like this one. Sending you lots of happy thoughts and positive vibes...take care! :-)


    Blogger Debi said ... (1/14/2006) : 

    I hope you're feeling better Cathy!
    At least you have your son tho!

    Here's to only one Monday next week!


    Anonymous bethe said ... (1/14/2006) : 

    Look at the bright's impossible for things to get any worse. Look forward to the weekend and I'm sorry you had such a lousy week!


    Blogger Red Sock Mama said ... (1/14/2006) : 

    Duh...I'm not sure how this happened, but you wrote about MY life this week...all except for the toothache...that was last week.

    I'd send you a hug, but with your luck, I'd break a few of your I'll just send you good vibes...



    Anonymous kimberly said ... (1/14/2006) : 

    Hey this week ended with the 13th, could that have anything to do with it? Next week will be better.
    You know I'm always here reading and commenting. :)


    Anonymous Amy said ... (1/15/2006) : 

    Hey Cathy! I hope your weekend was a chance to decompress from it all. I had the garage door episode in Nov. - of course it happened as I was trying to get my sister to the airport to get back to Atlanta. Thankfully a cab came quickly when called (as did the landlord to get the garage fixed).


    Blogger LisaPrit said ... (1/18/2006) : 

    You know I am a reader, but I am not so good with the comments. Plus, I access my favorite blogs through my favorites, so I am not sure if you can even tell I've been here! I am sorry your week sucked, but it's a new week now!!!!


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