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    Sunday, January 29, 2006

    ~a mind is a terrible thing to waste ~ has anyone seen mine?~

    Sunday already?!!!! HOW did THIS happen? Work was nuts this week, I ended up staying late Thursday and Friday to "wrap" things up - well my wrapping came unglued when the internet connection failed - so needless to say I have a TON of work to do from here today, just in case there is no connection tomorrow. I'm finding that the more I have to do, the more people expect me to do (and not just at work), there truly isn't enough hours in the day, days in the week - I'm on that hamster wheel that is spinning out of control - I'm hoping it spits me out one of these days!

    My kids are starting to find my scattered state somewhat amusing ~ Lyss called me at work on Thursday and asked if I would be picking Em up at school, she had stayed late for an activity ~ I bit my tongue (because I was at work, WORKING) and very calmly asked her if she would be able to do it for me considering the fact that I was still at work. My lovely daughter, in a very calm, I'm talking to a moron, tone of voice said, "I'd love to Mom, but YOU have my car"! Image Hosted by Oooooooookaaaaaaaaaaay! I did have her car because MINE DOESN'T WORK! Needless to say, I bolted out of work, to fight highway traffic ~ the highway they keep reconfiguring for repairs~ I'd love to see the engineer who came up with the reconfiguring plans - but that rant is for another day! I made it just in time to pick her up. and the beat goes on........ I find it ironic that Cher songs run through my head lately, especially since I wasn't really a HUGE fan, I liked some of her music, but not enough to sing it incessantly. The other song that has been my "theme song" for years is If I Could Turn Back Time. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNot a bad thing considering I picture Jack from Will and Grace doing his Cher impression every time I sing it!

    The scarf is just about finished. I haven't had much time to work on it, but it is one of those mindless projects that can be picked up and worked on for a couple of minutes here and there - I really like that. I received an email from Berroco featuring this pattern yesterday. I think this just might be my next mindless project. I was thinking of maybe using some Cascade 220 that I have in the stash for this. Since I am no expert at all in felting, can any of you give me some idea of how important needle size/gauge is for a bag such as this? Normally I wouldn't give it a second thought, but with my luck the bag will come out looking like a pasta bowl - and I have no intention of irritating the "Black Cloud Gods" - if you know what I mean?!

    The information for Vibe (which is what the bag is made out of) is as follows:
    • Fiber Content 64% Wool, 36% Nylon
    • Gauge 2.75 sts=1" 11 sts & 12 rows =4" (10cm)
    • Needle Size 15 (US) 10 mm

    The Cascade 220 is :

    • 5 sts = 1" with size 7 needles
    • 41/2 sts=1" with size 7 needles

    I can play around with it, but if any of you have suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated considering it is STILL January and my cloud has not left me yet :)Image Hosted by

    The puppy is improving, thank God! and thank you all for your well wishes, they were greatly appreciated! It's amazing how "poop" can take over your life when you have children and pets! lol

    One more question for you - I have been playing around with the blog lately, can you let me know if it takes longer than usual to load? I don't want to tie people up waiting for my page to load - time is precious.

    Well, I'm off to balance the checkbook, pay bills, do laundry, cook something for dinner and then work. Hopefully, I will have a bit of time to catch my breath before Monday hits. Have a great Sunday and thanks again for all of your kindness and support!Image Hosted by

    Comments on "~a mind is a terrible thing to waste ~ has anyone seen mine?~"


    Blogger Karen said ... (1/29/2006) : 

    Argh, okay, it's almost February, so things HAVE TO get better, right??? Here's hoping they do. Your blog has been looking great - and I don't notice any differance in the time it takes to load. It loads in the same amount of time all the other blogs I visit load in. :) I haven't felted yet either, so unfortunately I can't really weigh in on that question. I know there are a ton of felting experts out there who will help you though. Have a great Sunday and a calmer week.


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (1/29/2006) : 

    I think we should both throw in the towel and head to Cancun, Mexico to sip Tequila on the beach in the sun. What do you say?
    My black cloud has been hanging over me since November. We just found out our car has 2000 EURO worth of repairs to be done. The darn thing is only 5 years old!! How does that happen? We're still trying to pay for the washing machine that we had to buy, and without a Christmas bonus, Christmas is a tough one to take! Like I said-when should I book our flight?


    Blogger candsmom said ... (1/29/2006) : 

    Your page looks great with all the new renovations!! Like Karen, I haven't noticed it taking any more time to load than usual. Hope things slow down and get better soon so you get a chance to (safely!) jump off that crazy hamster wheel! February will definitely be a better month, I'm sure of it. And at least you still have your sense of humor- I love that scene with Jack and Cher in the restaurant!! Have a good Sunday and take care, Cathy! :-)


    Blogger Heather said ... (2/01/2006) : 

    That is still my all time fave episode! Mr. Sister!


    It's the end of the month...mine are always soooo hectic. bleh!


    Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said ... (2/02/2006) : 

    Felting is horribly addicting!! Be very, very careful! There is a felted bag KAL over on yahoo,
    Have fun! And now that it’s February I hope things are looking up :)


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