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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    ~Peekaboo & Calorimetry~

    I am alive and well and living in an icy winter wonderland! We had a snow day today which gave me a good excuse to put dinner in the crockpot, do a few loads of wash and hunker down with the girls to watch movies and knit! I couldn't have asked for a better day!
    My new favorite knit are the Peekaboo Mittens mentioned in my previous post. This is my 4th pair and I have decided to keep them as my own - I can't say enough about these mittens. They are an extremely quick knit and I plan on making some more to put away as Christmas gifts for next year! Megan from the Pensive Frog has created a knit-a-long that I have made a button for on my left sidebar. Please feel free to pop on over to take a look, join in and get the pattern!

    1. Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted
    2. Color: Medieval Red (which is more a deep burgandy than the picture shows)
    3. Size 6 dpn's for the ribbing on the wrist band
    4. Size 7 dpn's for the remainder of the glove

    Along with my new Peekaboo mittens I decided to jump on the Calorimetry bandwagon, which is what my "snowday" knitting consisted of. This was also a quick knit and would also make a great head start knit for Christmas - although this one is mine made to match the mittens ;)

    1. Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted in Medieval Red
    2. The middle is knit with Symphonie in Bain 169
    3. I cast on 110 sts and otherwise follwed the pattern, and the fit is perfect
    4. The button is from my Grandmother's "button box"

    Well, I'm off to visit my dh who has just arrived home at 10:00 PM. The poor man left before light this morning for work, and after work took care of the snow at my parents, here, his cousin's house and then went to fix the heat at my sister-in-laws! The man looks dead on his feet!

    The girls are hoping for another snow day tomorrow or at the very least a delay! :) Greedy little things that they are - I guess that just proves that we all had a great day together!

    Stay warm and drive safely if you are on the slippery East Coast!

    Comments on "~Peekaboo & Calorimetry~"


    Blogger Karen said ... (2/15/2007) : 

    Sounds like you had a very nice snow day (or was it technically an ice day??) Even though I had no place I needed to go anyway, I took a snow day too - sat and knit all afternoon!!! I had looked at those mittens but wasn't sure I liked them, but you're starting to convince me!! (I was afraid the peekaboo slit would let in cold air) I may just have to knit a pair too!! I love the Valentine's Red you chose for them and you Calorimetry. :) Hope DH had a nice relaxing rest of the night, he certainly earned it.


    Blogger Rositta said ... (2/15/2007) : 

    We had a snow day too yesterday, it was really pretty. Our California visitors were a bit spooked though, they had to get to the airport to catch a flight home. Luckily they made it...nice mittens, I may have a make some, as soon as I finish the baby projects...ciao


    Blogger ~Kristie said ... (2/16/2007) : 

    That sounds like the PERFECT way to spend a snow day. Unforunately, I'll never experience it so I'll just live vicariously through you.

    The mittens look great and match beautifully with your colorimetry. Hopefully soon you'll be able to get out to show them off.

    Your husband sounds like a wonderful man!


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (2/16/2007) : 

    Oh you've made such great projects, both of which are now on my list. I need them both. Thanks for the link to the mittens. Hey, send some of that snow this way, ok?


    Blogger Patti said ... (2/16/2007) : 

    I sent you the lilac colored garter rib square for Jenn- would you like another square, same color, different stitch? Just drop me a line and if you need it I will make another. :)


    Anonymous Suzanne said ... (2/16/2007) : 

    Hello Cathy! (I can't seem to get the email utility to work, hence the comment.) I have three Comforting Jenn squares, made to spec and blocked. They are in a variegated, heathered colorway, with greens, purples and teals (Nashua superwash). Please email me (selsasser{at}comcast{dot}net) with a snal mail addy for the squares.


    Blogger Larjmarj said ... (2/18/2007) : 

    I also spent my snow day knitting. I need to whip up a Caliometry. Which reminds me, I need to raid my grandma's button box for some other projects.


    Blogger donnac368 said ... (2/20/2007) : 

    Just bought some yarn for my "cal" after seeing how great yours looks.


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