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    Thursday, December 07, 2006

    ~ A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That...~

    Well, I had every good intention of posting the day after my last post, however, my world doesn't always cooperate with my intentions! lol

    Last weekend started with a visit from Santa on the big yellow fire truck! I love living in a little town where Santa will personally come to see you, knows where the kids live and stops to "chat"! (all the pictures are clickable for bigness!)

    After Santa came, we left to go and pick out a new washer and dryer - an expense that we REALLY didn't need this year as we had to replace two refrigerators and my car already this year! UGH!
    Here are my new additions! I can NOT SAY ENOUGH about these two machines - they were way more expensive than I had planned, but I was convinced by my very trusted repairman to buy these especially with my large family. I find myself standing there watching them sometimes - it is amazing how much they hold, how quickly they spin and how fast these massive loads of wash dry! I am a dork - I have been told by my children!
    After the purchase of the very expensivenew laundry appliances we went to the tree farm to pick out our tree. It was a gorgeous day, a bit cold, but no snow and the sun was shining. The girls had fun walking around looking for the perfect tree...

    When it was found, Lyss helped dh with the cutting and hauling...

    and it is looking just lovely all decorated...
    I just love decorating the tree because most of the ornaments are handmade and bring back some lovely memories. This year the two youngest decorated the whole tree (except for the very top) themselves - I think they did a great job. Oh! and I came across this really neat ornament on the Mason Dixon KAL site - I think I may have to make one. I wish the person that made it had a blog - I'd love to see what else she has come up with :)

    DH said he was NOT going to decorate the outside of the house this year for a number of reasons. Guess what?.... I couldn't find him on Sunday because he was on the roof hanging the lights! lol I'll take a picture next time I'm outside at night with the camera - on second thought I'll have to make an effort to get outside with the camera at night.

    I found this little guy while Christmas shopping and he begged to come home with me!
    The box said he was made in Germany. He is incredibly cute and will live on my desk :)
    Lyss had her wisdom teeth out yesterday and my little Beau had his broken front tooth removed yesterday, so they were patients together on the couch last night and again today. Lyss' were bony impacted, so she is in some serious pain with some swelling and the poor little puppy broke his tooth while playing ball - he hit it on a rock :(
    So I am off from work today, in my nice comfy sweats and thick cushy socks. It is bitterly cold outside, so Lyss, Beau and I will snuggle up and watch Disney movies today - maybe some knitting too!
    Tomorrow I will have to get back to reality - you know the reality that Christmas is in two weeks and I'm not even HALF DONE with my shopping!
    I have updated the picture page of squares for Jenn's Blanket. I received some more absolutely gorgeous squares! I'm sorry I haven't written to each of you yet, but I will soon, I promise! Thank you so much!

    Comments on "~ A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That...~"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/08/2006) : 

    I hope Lyss and Beau feel better quickly!
    I love Santa driving through your town on a fire engine. On Christmas Eve Santa comes through our town on a flat bed truck. I don't know where he finds the time;)
    I believed I was done with my Christmas shopping until I looked through everything this morning and realized I have a few more things to buy! Next year I will start ealier and finish sooner...


    Blogger Dorothy said ... (12/08/2006) : 

    I hope all the hurting ends soon. There is nothing worse than a really sore mouth.

    Your Santa sounds really cool. The kids must just love a visit from him.


    Blogger miss88keys said ... (12/08/2006) : 

    Lyss & Beau look so comfy all snuggled up. I hope they are both running around again real soon!

    Congrats on your "DELUXE" washer & dryers. I'm sure it isn't what you asked Santa Claus to bring you this year, but if it makes laundry easier, then it is a great present!!


    Blogger Karen said ... (12/08/2006) : 

    My goodness, there is always so much going on over there. Sorry about poor Lyss and Beau's teeth. :( And the "death" of the old washer /dryer. But the new ones look so fabulous (obviously I'm a dork too!!!) Your tree is so pretty - I think we're going to get ours on Sunday.


    Blogger Katt said ... (12/08/2006) : 

    I agree I hope Lyss and Beau feel better real quick..Poor things..

    Where I use to live the firetruck from nearby would drive along our street with Santa in it throwing lollies out for the kids...It was highschool I knew on of the volunteers firies so I use to get lollies tossed at me then too! lol



    Anonymous amanda cathleen said ... (12/09/2006) : 

    hope lyss and beau feel better soon! The visit from Santa sounds super cool!!


    Anonymous jessica said ... (12/10/2006) : 


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    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12/11/2006) : 

    I have a square for the blanket. I hope to mail it soon, but I don't think I will get it out before xmas. I'm going to try though.


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