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    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    ~Snow AND Knitting~ Woo Hoo!

    IT SNOWED! I know, I know.... I'll probably be complaining about it soon, but we have had the most bizzare winter - warm, then freezing cold, then warm and rainy, cold and windy and everything so gray and dead looking - if you know what I mean. Last night it started to snow, big HUGE fluffy flakes that were absolutely gorgeous, sticking to the trees and lighting up the night - unfortunately the pictures I took last night didn't come out :( Beau was having a blast jumping up and twirling in the air to catch the flakes in his mouth - so cute!

    I've never posted any "Saturday Sky" pictures, but I guess today would be a good day to do so! Here are a few pictures taken this morning... (all pictures are clickable)

    I'm sure my DH isn't enjoying it as the poor man was outside shoveling and using the snow blower here and then went over to my Mom's to do their yard - what a sweetheart of a man!

    I know I promised you knitting content before so here are a few of the things I have managed to take pictures of...

    These mini-mitten ornaments are taken from a pattern found in the back of this book and are quite possibly the easiest little mittens I've ever made!

    These are a lot of fun to make and so quick to put together - I think they will make great little ornaments for the tree next year, or cute little package toppers with little goodies in them for Christmas gifts!

    On this mitten, I tried Debi's recipe for beading and it is absolutely fantastic! I'm addicted to beading now! THANK YOU DEBI!

    This is the Northern Lights Wrap from Lion Brand. It is a truly easy knit but since I couldn't bring myself to pay the price for the Moonlight Mohair and the Trellis, I substituted Patons Divine which I picked up at A.C.Moore on sale for $2.00 a skein! I have some beautiful Mohair in my stash, but figured I'd do a test with this, and it is coming out very nice! I know the picture isn't all that good, but I have put silver and opaque beads around the edges of this scarf and it is so pretty! Another fun and mindless knit!

    I have started another Log Cabin Blanket using the TON of Homespun I had in my stash. I enjoy knitting this while watching TV. It keeps my interest with the color changes and the excitement of my girls who are trying to figure out which one of them will get it ;)

    I have a lot of knits on my "want to knit" list, but for the moment, these little tidbits are just what the doctor ordered. As always I have socks on my needles and take them along with me when I'm out. I also have decided to cast on and finish a pair of the peekaboo mittens in the new MagKnits. This pattern will be perfect for my scorekeeping duties during winter indoor and early spring Softball - I tend to get VERY cold fingers while keeping score and sometimes the fingerless mitts are just not enough!

    Well, there you have it, a bit of a catch-up on my knitting :) I must now get myself together and pick the girls up from their coaching duties at the softball clinic and maybe put on a nice batch of chili or chili soup on (recipe on my sidebar) - perfect for a snowy winter day!

    Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and happy knitting!

    Comments on "~Snow AND Knitting~ Woo Hoo!"


    Blogger ~Kristie said ... (2/03/2007) : 

    OOOHHH... I LOVE snow photos! The one bad thing to living in So Cal is never having snow in my yard. ENJOY IT!! The photos are stunning!

    My little sister is going to do mini-mittens on her Christmas tree next year so I'll make sure & tell her about the book. She'll need something easy if she's doing an entire tree!!

    I can't wait to see your peekaboo mittens when you finish them.


    Blogger Robin said ... (2/06/2007) : 

    Yeeeaaaa!!!! Cathy's back!!!! Glad you have snow and really glad that I DON'T!!!

    Take care!


    Blogger Larjmarj said ... (2/06/2007) : 

    Beautiful pics of the snow. Not much here but it sure is COLD.


    Anonymous amanda cathleen said ... (2/09/2007) : 

    wowsa your sticks have been busy! Yay SNOW! Finally Snow!


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