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    Sunday, November 26, 2006

    ~Movies, Shopping & an Update~

    Image Hosted by I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving, ours was. It was a lot of work (more so every year - do you think it could have anything to do with the fact that I'm getting older? hmm.... nah) but it is just wonderful to have family here. My middle daughter connected with a cousin from Virginia and had a wonderful time, they are the same age and spent the day in Boston on Friday. I rewarded myself and my muscle spasm"ing" back on Friday with a day of knitting, movies and visiting with my house guests - just wonderful! Saturday my oldest three and I went to see the new James Bond movie. I was truly ready to hate it as I am a lifelong Pierce Brosnan fan, but I must say that although I didn't find Daniel Craig as suave and good looking as PB, he has a charm all his own and was a fantastic Bond. The story was one of the best in a long time, with twists and turns and some surprises - this movie actually made you think a little! lol It got an A from all of us. My son has gone back to college and I've dried my eyes (I HATE when he leaves and can't even THINK about next year when I have two that will be leaving), it's a bit easier this time as I know he'll be back in about three weeks for Christmas! Ugh, I haven't done ANY shopping - I'll think about that tomorrow! lol
    While scrolling through my images, I realized that I never posted the goodies I bought at the JCA Warehouse sale in September. Last year I bought nothing, this year I did come home with some goodies....

    some lovely blue - waiting to be a lacy scarf or two or maybe a shawl - a huge bundle of gorgeous cotton - not sure what that will become yet...
    and this GORGEOUS Adrienne Vittadini Cara - linen - gorgeous color - this will be a shawl for ME and I have a TON OF IT :) Birthday money put to good use!

    Comforting Jenn Update...
    I have 62 "comfort knitters" so far and only one person has had to pull out, I am feeling truly blessed. A lot of you knitters have made or promised more than one square, and some of you have put them in the mail already! If all of the squares come early and there are more than 64, I WILL definately use them for Jenn unless you specify another charitable project you really want them to go to. I have to say it again....THANK YOU!
    I have also enjoyed visiting all of your blogs... they are great! If you have the time, and are so inclined to visit each other, I have put links to your blogs on your names (I added the names of the blogs later to keep myself from getting you all mixed up).
    I came across this little quiz, and since I had some time on my hands I thought I'd take it and see what accent I have. I came up with Boston - and guess what?... that is the part of the country I'm from! lol When I was a teenager I spent a month in various parts of Nevada and California with my Dad's side of the family and was saddled with the nickname "Boston". I, needless to say, didn't find it at all amusing at the time and insisited that THEY were the ones with the weird accent, NOT ME! lol Well, I know better now and I don't fight it anymore! What accent do you have?....
    What American accent do you have?
    Your Result: Boston

    You definitely have a Boston accent, even if you think you don't. Of course, that doesn't mean you are from the Boston area, you may also be from New Hampshire or Maine.

    What American accent do you have?
    Take More Quizzes

    Well, I'm off to do a bit more knitting and try to pump myself up for work tomorrow. Things are not good at work and it is more and more of a trial to be optimistic and upbeat - I will continue to do my best and hope things improve! I wish you all a good night and a pleasant Monday!

    Comments on "~Movies, Shopping & an Update~"


    Blogger Karen said ... (11/27/2006) : 

    I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!! :) Thanks for the review of the new Bond movie - Pea loves Bond so we're planning to see that soon. Yikes, it is just four weeks until Christmas, isn't it. I'd better get going on my shopping too!!!


    Blogger somebunnysloveDOTcom said ... (11/27/2006) : 

    Sounds like a fab Thanksgiving holiday all around. I will be sending another square for you in the same blue/purple/green colorway for Jenn!


    Blogger Larjmarj said ... (11/27/2006) : 

    I have six squares coming your way via regular mail...:-)


    Blogger Larjmarj said ... (11/27/2006) : 

    BTW..I have the "inland north" accent. It's a pseudo Canadian dialect common to the great lakes region.


    Anonymous amanda cathleen said ... (11/27/2006) : 

    Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving!
    great yarn that you picked up, can't wait to see what you do with it : )


    Blogger miss88keys said ... (11/27/2006) : 

    I told hubby I wouldn't see the new James Bond movie because without Pierce Brosnan in it, what's the point? I was watching "Die Another Day" last night & told hubby if Pierce invited me to Iceland, I'd just have to go!!


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