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    Sunday, February 25, 2007

    ~The sadder part of life~

    Well, it was school vacation week and although my kids had a great week, mine was not quite so great. I hate sad/depressed/crappy posts, but sometimes life just smacks us in the head, slaps us back to reality and makes us so incredibly grateful for what we have that it's necessary.

    The saddness stems from the two wakes/funerals that this week consisted of; A former co-worker of mine who left to have her baby last fall lost her 53 year old mother. She had had the flu for a week or so and just never woke up - we don't know yet if there were other underlying causes, but that won't change the loss for this family who were incredibly tight-knit and close to their Mom.

    The second was, for me, even more horrifying. Friends of my daughter and neighbors of ours lost their 23 year old son in a snow-mobiling accident. A charming, kind, well liked young man (3 years older than my son) full of so much life and fun. One of his sister's, a nurse, was first to attempt to help him, to no avail. I can think of no greater pain than having to bury one's own child. I had the irrational need to talk to Matt more than usual, hear his voice and tell him even more how much I love him - it is much easier for me to do that with the girls as they are here. They were even more patient with me, when I gave them the speech regarding the fragility of life, always telling the people you love that you love them and to try and be cautious in whatever they do to preserve their own lives as well as those around them.

    Thanks for listening and now on to the 2nd portion of our post where I just plain bitch! lol

    Nic, Em and I had much needed appointments at the hair dressers this week, mine was for a hair cut and I decided to treat myself to some foils in an attempt to push aside the winter blahs. To state that I am NOT happy with my hairdresser of a few years is an understatement (I will talk to her and attempt to make her understand my point of view). When the appointments were made I was told that in addition to my hair she would be able to cut the girls' hair, but would have to have another girl dry their hair. That was fine with me. At the beginning of the week Em was told she had softball practice so her appointment was rescheduled. Nic and I went to our appointment and I was told that the girl that was supposed to dry Nic's hair was going to cut it (this infuriated me, but since I had no desire to hurt this nice girls feelings I said nothing - first mistake) also. While doing my foils a girl walked in a WEEK EARLY for her foils and my hairdresser told her she'd do them anyway (not enough time to do Nic's hair, but time for a no appointment foil?????!!!!!!!!!!). Halfway through my cut a phone call (usually no big deal), then had to check on the other foil - halfway through my blow dry, had to rinse out other foil, passes the drying duties over to the other girl. I was seeeeeeeeething, but I do HATE a scene and decided that I would call and talk to her when the salon was not quite so crowded. When I got halfway to another appointment (after leaving the salon) I realized (thanks to Nicole) that I had haircolor all over my face - I had to come home, scrub my face and redry my hair as, in Nic's words, I looked like Bozo! To make matters even worse, when I washed it the next day and dried it, I realized that it is burnt and damaged where the foils were - prompting Lyss to call me Alfalfa and the cut was never completed - so it is very choppy. I understand that things happen and I am pretty good at "going with the flow", I can handle having to have the cut fixed and although I am very upset with the damage to my hair, I also understand that accidents happen. The treatment I received has me totally infuriated. This hairdresser is normally phenomenal and I get compliments on my hair all the time, so I am hoping that the damage can be repaired, both to my hair and with the treatment I received. Wish me luck, thanks for listening and I won't divulge the name of the salon as this is a first and hopefully one time disaster.

    Lyss and I visited the last college on her list and I believe a decision has been made! I don't even want to THINK about sending two off to college next year!

    Knitting? I have another pair of peekaboo mittens finished except for one thumb - hopefully I can post a picture soon. We had an absolutely beautiful snowfall this past week - the light fluffy snow that sticks to the branches and the trees and makes everything look gorgeous, unfortunately my pictures are less than gorgeous. We are expecting more snow tonight, we'll see what happens with that.

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend - back soon with a better dispostition ;)

    Comments on "~The sadder part of life~"


    Anonymous Cindy said ... (2/25/2007) : 

    I'm so sorry for the losses. As you are aware, it makes your gifts so much sweeter and more precious. As for the hair, you will do no one any favors if you don't get it resolved. I wish you luck, wisdom and patience, but bunches of strength.


    Blogger Karen said ... (2/25/2007) : 

    Gosh, that really was one bad week. I want to heed your advice and tell your right now - you are a wonderful blog / on-line pals and I am so grateful for your friendship. And I know the day will come soon when we meet in "real life" and I'm looking forward to that too! Thank you for being my friend!


    Blogger Mindy said ... (2/26/2007) : 

    So sorry for your losses.

    Good luck resolving your hairdresser issue.


    Blogger scrapandknit said ... (2/26/2007) : 

    Sorry you had a sad week. Hope it's a happy new one for you.

    I need a haircut too but I just can't bring myself to deal with it.


    Blogger ~Kristie said ... (2/26/2007) : 

    Oh no! Hopefully you never have another week like that one again! As if funerals aren't bad enough, a bad hair experience is something that sticks with you every stinking day.

    When I was reading about your hair trauma, I had to double-check to make sure I didn't write that. I had something 95% similar happen to me once, unforunately it didn't get resolved and so I switched hairstylists (even though I loved that one). Funny thing is, I love this new hairstylist even more!! In fact, we go to Yoga class together now once a week, so you never know. Sometimes the lemon is actually lemonade!


    Anonymous Bethe said ... (2/28/2007) : 

    I'm so sorry that you had such a lousy week!

    As for the hairdresser...I refuse to tolerate divided attention when I make an appointment. I have reserved that time in her schedule for ME. It was highly unprofessional of her to accept another client that would require timed attention. Having your hair damaged as a result of the divided attention makes it even worse. Perhaps they'll provide some deep conditioning treatments and your first trim to get rid of the damage free of charge?


    Blogger Rositta said ... (2/28/2007) : 

    Oh wow, what a week. As for the loss of a child, I have a son who does extreeme winter sports (snowboarding in back country), in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Whenever he goes off on one of those trips I spend the weekend worrying even though he assures he he is avalanche trained. Big deal, it only takes seconds I tell him. Here's the thing, we can't wrap our kids up in wool as much as we'd like to, I know I would, we have to let them live their lives and hope shit doesn't happen. As he is always telling, "Mom, you could slip in the shower and die!" Telling them we love them always, is the best we can do...have a nice week...ciao


    Blogger Jo said ... (2/28/2007) : 

    I'm sorry to hear of the deaths around you - I had a week like that at the beginning of February.

    I would be furious at the hairdresser! Is there any way for you to go down there and complain about the burned parts and demand it be fixed? I hope you have a better experience next time.


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (3/02/2007) : 

    I'm so sorry about the loss your friends and you have gone through lately. Hug!!
    As for the hairdresser, I can well imagine how fired up you were, I would be too. Another big huge hug!!


    Blogger Larjmarj said ... (3/02/2007) : 

    I just lost a very close co-worker to cancer today. She had a big heart and will be missed.

    As for your a former hairdresser, that is inexcusable. Her behavior was unprofessional to say the least.


    Blogger Katt said ... (3/04/2007) : 

    I am sorry you had a bad week hun. why do bad things lump up all together?

    I need a haircut too...Dont want to get one just yet..Might soon though. Just got it dyed the other week...

    Sounds like you had a super bad run with your hairdresser though! That is poor behavour on their behalf.



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