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    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    ~Don't you just LOVE a Bargain?!~

    I have enhanced the stash yet again - I can't resist a bargain, especially when it is something that I have recipients for :) After our snow storm last week, I decided that I needed to get out of the house for a while, so I decided to go to one of our discount stores and poke around for an hour or so and pick up some of the cheapo reading glasses (I now need to have a pair in every room of the house! ugh!). While in the process of poking I found......... YARN! lol I used great restraint until I came across skein upon skein of Moonlight Mohair and Trellis. I have wanted to make a Northern Lights Wrap for myself and a dear friend of mine for quite a while but found the price of the yarn to be much more than I wanted to spend. The Moonlight Mohair is normally $8.99 a skein and the Trellis $5.99 a skein and with 4 kids I couldn't justify the price. The total cost for each wrap would have been around $82.00 with tax. Back to the bargain - it was all $2.00 a skein (total cost for each wrap $20.00 WOOOO HOOOOOO - I am having a knitting party! lol The pictures don't do it justice, but it is gorgeous knitted up and will be well loved when finished.

    I took Matt back to school last Sunday and from the time I left the house until the time I returned 7 hours later, I came down with whatever "bug" the girls had last week! I have been coughing, feverish, achy and all around dead sick all week. Right now it is the blocked ears and cough that is killing me - hope it goes soon, March has not been a good month in these parts as everyone I know is coming down with this, so simple knitting was in order and I worked on the Log Cabin and started these two wraps over the last few days.

    Softball season has begun and Emily (my freshman) has made the Varsity Team! Thrilled doesn't even cover how happy she is as she will get to play with her sister (senior) this year. I'm so happy for her as the coach only pulled 4 out of 22 girls up! Lyss came home safely from the Bahamas last Tuesday, she had a wonderful time, has a beautiful tan and is all rested and ready to play IF THE D#@$ED SNOW WOULD STOP! ugh! This is what I encountered last night when taking out the dog (the flakes show up better when you click to make bigger).

    I don't even find it pretty anymore - I want to plant flowers and see leaves on the trees and grass on the ground - not to mention the fact that my car is just disgusting looking all the time! The girls are supposed to have their first game this coming Thursday, but I just can't see it happening as there is snow on the ground and when it does melt there will be inches of mud - we are keeping our fingers crossed nonetheless though!
    No more complaining - Well folks, I'm off to make a hot cup of tea, put in a movie and knit a while before starting supper! Enjoy your Sunday and stay well!

    Comments on "~Don't you just LOVE a Bargain?!~"


    Blogger Katt said ... (3/26/2007) : 

    I looooooooooooooooooove wool bargains!!!!

    Shawls are looking good!



    Blogger Karen said ... (3/26/2007) : 

    Okay, I guess you answered the question I just e-mailed about if you've gotten any Spring weather. Sorry to hear the answer is NO. :( I'll wish that it will get warm there soon! And I hope you are feeling much better soon too - I found my cough was the last thing to go. Ugh. Love your new projects though - nothing like the perfect yarn at a great price to bring a little brightness to you day!


    Blogger Rositta said ... (3/26/2007) : 

    Lucky you, there are hardly any wool shops left in my part of town, so no bargains...we just finally had a taste of spring today, a huge thunderstorm and then, the sun. Heaven...ciao


    Anonymous amanda cathleen said ... (3/29/2007) : 

    wow! great bargin! Do hope you see Spring soon.


    Blogger Kimberly said ... (3/30/2007) : 

    I too just love a bargain! Great score on the yarn. I hope, by now, the snow has stopped and you can see some flowers.


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