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    Friday, November 25, 2005

    ~The Thanksgiving Aftermath~

    This is a post of various subjects - bear with me ok? lol

    We survived Thanksgiving! Sent TONS of leftovers home with the relatives and have TONS left! That would be the Italian in me I assume! I am totally incapable of making a reasonable amount of food, there is always enough for another large family to pop in and join us.

    It is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, RIDICULOUSLY COLD outside! New England weather is NUTS, it's in the 50's one day and teens/twenties the next! I HATE being cold - and I'm cold! lol That is my whining quota for the day.

    I took Em to the dr's Tuesday night to have a throat culture - she kept telling me she felt like she had a lump in her throat, and since she exhibits NO symptoms when she gets Strep, I thought that testing her would be a good idea. The rapid test came back negative and the doctor on duty said he was almost 100% sure she just had a virus, sooooooooo, everyone came for Thanksgiving, including my mother who is dying of lung disease, and I got a call LATE Friday afternoon telling me that she does indeed have strep! UGH! I really, really should know better. We are all getting colds or whatever (hopefully not strep ;)), so we hung out and watched a movie yesterday and didn't do too much of anything! It was WONDERFUL!

    Today, I'm off to check out those Sleep Number beds. I have such a horrible back and we are in desperate need of a new bed, so we are going to check them out. We have a few friends that have them and they swear by them for comfort. They are WAY more than I'd like to spend, but come with a 20 year warranty so we'll see. Then tonight my cousin, who is visiting from Ohio, is taking us all out to dinner - YAY! I love not having to cook. I did promise him lasagna before he leaves Tuesday, so I'll be putting that together today or tomorrow. I'll be driving Matt back to college tomorrow - I can NOT believe he has been home for more than a week already. Time just flies by - it's amazing.

    Did any of you go shopping the day after Thanksgiving? I did it once a long time ago when Matt was very young - but no more. I have a lot of friends that love it. They had some horrible stories on the news about people being trampled, fights breaking out and a woman who had purchased an XBox was followed home and robbed at gunpoint when she got out of her car! The world has gone completely INSANE!

    Update: It is now Sunday, and I never posted this yesterday (bad, bad blogger!) . We purchased a bed - I can't wait for it to arrive. My poor Em was up most of the night last night with a stomach ache (I'm assuming from the medicine) and I am now off to make lasagna and then head up to Vermont. I'll be back VERY late tonight and then off to work tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Comments on "~The Thanksgiving Aftermath~"


    Blogger Karen said ... (11/27/2005) : 

    Wow, that was a bunch of various subjects - but that makes for a great post. Thanksgiving sounded great - and yes, I think it's a rule - if you are Italian you MUST over-cook. LOL So very cold here in NE, and all the sudden, yuck winter is the worst. Sorry to hear about poor Em's strep - I hope she is feeling better soon and no one else comes down with it. The new bed sounds wonderful - Sweetpea's back bothers him when he sleeps, so I can't wait to hear how the Sleepnumber works out for you. Have a safe trip to Vermont!


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (11/27/2005) : 

    I always overcook, too. I think that's the best part-not having to cook for a day or two after! I hope Em gets better. Enjoy that new bed and take care of your back.


    Blogger candsmom said ... (11/27/2005) : 

    Well, we're still eating leftovers here, and I'm guessing we have enough for at least 3 more nights, so I think that makes me part Italian, at least. ;-) Congratulations on the new bed! I've heard great things about those Sleepnumber beds. Please update us to let us know if they're all they promise to be. Poor Em! First, the transition into a new class, and now strep! I feel so bad for her- I hope she feels better soon. It sounds like you're having a wonderful weekend with your safely and take care! :-)


    Anonymous Prudence in Montana said ... (11/28/2005) : 

    So you drove north to Vermont? Are you in Mass.? That's where I (and every one of my relatives !) come from.
    And you have two children? I do (too?) -- but mine are 28 and 35, ei-yi-yi! Talk about how fast time goes! Take pictures!!!
    What have you named your first Knitted Babe? Chakte is nice; it is an African wood. I love it as a name. Mine are Garland (after the originator, obviously) and Chastane and Braisley, all female. RSVP! Your Correspondent in Montana(or one of them!) -- Prudence


    Blogger Lizzy said ... (11/28/2005) : 

    wow i cannot believe that lady got robbed for a freakin xbox!! people are crazy!

    sounds like you had an awesome thanksgiving!

    hope everyone feels better soon!


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