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    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    ~What a Week~

    Oiy! What a Week! What a rotten blogger!

    When last I wrote I was off to make lasagna and head off to Vermont to drop Matt off. I did both - the trip was fine, I miss him already, and the lasagna was for a surprise birthday dinner for my Mom. It was definately a surprise as her birthday was Friday and we had the party on Monday night because my cousin was still here. He is more a brother than a cousin as his Mom (My Mom's sister) passed away when he was 6 and he spent most of his young life with us. I went off to work on Monday morning, arriving at around 8:30 - received a call from the school nurse at 10:30 and was home by noon! My poor Em has just been so sick! :( Got her home, filled her with some nice hot soup, tucked her into the couch with the afghan and the remote and prepared for the surprise party. Mom was very surprised, the lasagna was great - Hooray for Monday night! I saw my cousin off on Tuesday morning, went to work and left at 11:30 to bring ALL THREE of my daughters to the doctor. Lyss (my 16 yr old) had a hive-like rash and was terribly itchy (dr's office was thinking it could be a strep symptom since Emily already had it) and we took the youngest just to get her tested - - because you KNOW if I hadn't I'd be there TODAY! lol Waiting on test results......

    Wednesday was work from home day and today was work from work day ;) lol I have Jury duty tomorrow. I get the impression that I'm well liked, as I get called as often as possible and I usually get picked! I really am praying that it won't be a long case if I am picked again as I have NOTHING accomplished at all for Christmas. My knitting time is almost non-existent as is my baking time and shopping time etc. etc. etc.

    On a positive note - - I GOT MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a day early! We assembled it in about two hours and I woke up this morning without the severe morning back pain I've had for years and years and years! I don't expect it to be a cure, but what a difference already! I'll keep you posted :) Now I have to find a duvet cover for my new, fluffy warm down comforter and curtains ! My daughters all wanted to try out the controls - I was afraid that I wouldn't get to sleep in it myself ;)

    This weekend is for decorating! The girls are so much help and SO MUCH fun that it never seems like work. I will miss Matt being here to help pick out the tree - he just LOVED doing that and he always found a good one for us. Carving pumpkins was awful without him too. He is the artistic one in the family and we could always count on him for something totally unique. The girls stepped up to the plate and did a great job, but it was sad to see only three pumpkins on the stoop. I told him that next year he would HAVE to make sure he carved one!

    Ok, back to the knitting topic... I joined the "Naked Stix by 2006" KAL with the GREATEST of intentions. I can honestly say IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN unless the "frog" king comes to my house! I wanted to surprise my daughters with their own "Babes" because they loved the first one I made SO MUCH!, I have a couple of people that would absolutely LOVE fingerless mitts for Christmas and I have NO TIME TO KNIT. Ok, well I have short spurts of time to knit here and there, waiting in offices and maybe tomorrow for Jury Duty, just not ENOUGH time. I can't keep my eyes open at night when I finally sit in a chair - I fell asleep with another one of the little Buddy Bears in my hands last night, watching the 10 O'Clock news!
    The post you read (above) was originally written on Thursday morning - evidently I hit save as draft instead of publish post! Friday was jury duty day, nasty man at door would NOT allow knitting in (although he did allow a woman in with a crochet hook - I was MORE than a bit peeved) - I left there at noon and came home to a message from school nurse - went and picked up my Em and back to the dr's we went. Poor kid - he says she'll live ;), it's hanging on and she sure looks lousy!
    Today we decorated! I will be back tomorrow with pictures of a couple of FINISHED OBJECTS! woooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe my stix will be semi-naked by 2006! lol.

    Comments on "~What a Week~"


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (12/04/2005) : 

    I love reading your posts. I know what you mean when you say you can't keep your eyes open at night to knit, I can't either. Our days should have more hours-unfilled hours just for us. I hope Em gets better soon, that sounds horrible, poor thing!


    Anonymous Bethe said ... (12/04/2005) : 

    I hope that all are feeling better soon and that you get some time to knit!
    If you had to go to Worcester courthouse, they are absolutely AWFUL about letting in knitting needles now. They used to allow them, no questions asked. Somebody had to complain, because now they don't let them in at all. No matter how much you argue that you could do far more damage with a key or a pen. (however, socks on babmboo DPN's, hidden at the bottom of a large purse, can get in easily. Just sayin, is all...(wink))


    Blogger Karen said ... (12/04/2005) : 

    Wow, you sure have your hands full!!! I'm so sorry Em has been so sick, and that the other girls are starting catch it too. But your Mom's party sounded so nice - maybe a bit of the break you needed. I would have been shocked that they don't let knitting needles in to jury duty too. Heck, they even let scissors on airplanes now! Is Matt coming home soon for a Christmas break? It must be hard doing the decorating without him.


    Blogger candsmom said ... (12/04/2005) : 

    I'm so sorry to hear that Em is still sick and that the other girls are coming down with it, too. I'm glad you've managed to stay healthy, though, because if mom goes down, the whole ship goes down! lol Hope everyone gets well soon- it's no fun being sick during the holidays! So glad to hear that bed is helping your back. I hope the pain goes away soon- you have so many things to deal with and a sore back should'nt be one of them. Is Matt coming home for Christmas? I can imagine how different the house must feel with one of your babies gone. I'm dreading the day! I wish we could keep them with us forever. And congrats on the FO's!! Looking forward to the pics! :-)


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