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    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    ~Let the Games Begin~

    Hi all, I've been swatching for the Olympics, over and over and over again! The pattern I had planned to use has been canned and I will now have to come up with my own. So.... I will be teaching myself cables (which I don't think are as hard as I thought) and I will be teaching myself charting cables (I'm optimistic), sizing etc., because I DO EXPECT these to fit me when I'm done. For all the swatching and swearing I've done, it's a wonder that I am still up for making these.

    I went for my root canal on Monday (dentists absolutely terrify me) and they didn't do it!!!!! ARGH! They tested, and tested and tested the tooth which caused me quite a lot of pain and decided they want to wait a few more weeks and watch it! ugh! I am now trying to decide if I am getting a sinus infection which is causing all my teeth to take turns hurting or if my teeth are all just SHOT all of a SUDDEN! Needless to say, I'm thoroughly disgusted and STILL car-less!

    On a MUCH BRIGHTER note, I am meeting my "sister" for our one weekend a year away on Friday, whether my teeth are killing me or not. We will have a weekend of minimal shopping, i.e. Christmas Tree Shops, a few other little shops we like to stop in and THIS PLACE that we can spend hours and hours in :) We are staying at a Springhill Suites for the weekend. We go out for dinner, have a little wine, watch dvd's and knit/cross stitch/craft! Whatever floats our boats - it is a much loved, much anticipated escape from "real life"! I CAN NOT WAIT. I do have a 7:20 AM dentist appointment to make sure there are no abcesses beginning and then I am off! I promise to get to visit all of your blogs soon and leave some comments - I truly haven't felt well enough to do it lately.

    I will begin my Olympic Knitting sometime this weekend (I hope), but I refuse to put any pressure on - I want it to be enjoyable and if it begins not to be enjoyable I will put it aside and cheer on the other 3,000 plus knitters out there!

    Enjoy the opening ceremony! Happy Knitting!

    Comments on "~Let the Games Begin~"


    Blogger candsmom said ... (2/10/2006) : 

    I'm so sorry to hear about the ongoing saga with the dentist- I'm sending you lots of good thoughts and hoping you're feeling much better so you can enjoy your trip! Sounds like such a wonderful itinerary and a much needed break from all the recent bad luck. Cables sound like a fun plan for the Olympics- I'm cheering you on! Take care and enjoy your weekend getaway! :-)


    Anonymous bethe said ... (2/10/2006) : 

    Sinus problems can absolutely cause your teeth to ache. Unbelievably so! So can tension in your neck and shoulders. I hope you are feeling well enough to completely enjoy your weekend - it sounds like a wonderful way to unwind!


    Blogger Karen said ... (2/10/2006) : 

    What a wonderful weekend you have planned - I hope you have a terrific time with your sister. I'll have to check out Stitch In Time soon, it looks great! Be very careful, though, so far they are predicting a big snow storm tomorrow (here's hoping they are wrong). I hope your teeth decide to co-operate and are feeling better soon. I hate dentists (and doctors) too . . . . I've been stressing for a week over my appointment today.


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (2/11/2006) : 

    Oh you poor thing-your luck is not the best right now. I certainly hope your teeth clear up soon. That's got to be one of the worst things!!
    I'm not putting any stress on for these Olympics either. Just do the best you can.
    I'm also sending lots of love your way-I hope you feel better soon.
    I love the Christmas Tree!! When I visit my mom I always go there at least once. Have fun and think of me. ;)


    Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said ... (2/11/2006) : 

    Nothing is worse than having a sore mouth! Hope everything goes well with the dentist. And that you have fun with your sister! : )


    Blogger Nancy said ... (2/13/2006) : 

    Cables are so much fun. I made up a cable scarf pattern and charted it myself for the second cable item I ever knitted. (you can see it on my blog'll be fine they're easy.

    Beware the teeth though. I had a friend who was treated for sinus issues for months and it turned out she needed a root canal. The pain was immediately gone once she got it.


    Anonymous Emily said ... (2/18/2006) : 

    Hope your weekend was great! Sounds fun. I hate dentists too, sorry to hear about that yucky stuff.


    Blogger The_Add_Knitter said ... (2/19/2006) : 

    Hope the cable caper is going well--I learned how to do them recently and was very surprised to see how deceptively easy they are, I had made then into this beig deal that they actually weren't (I wish could say the same for fair isle...). Incidentally, I too am a major sock slut, esp. for Opal.


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