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    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    ~Good, Bad and New Sock Knitter~

    So much to tell, so little time.....

    Seems the new "share a long" idea was a bust, there were only TWO responses (thanks you two!). I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't disappointed, however, not everyone has the same level of excitement about "old" patterns.

    There has been so much happening here at the TightlyWound house - good, not so good, you name it! To start with the not so good, I have, in the past two weeks, had two abcesses, three rounds of antibiotics, one root canal, one attempted root canal, an extraction and some not so pleasant words with my dentist - time to find a new dentist! SoTHIS is what I get for trying to take care of my teeth!!!!!!!!!! All of this coincided with my sister and nephew's much anticipated visit! We worked through the pain - she drank enough wine for the both of us ;) lol

    When she arrived, she informed me that she wanted to go tubing and learn how to knit socks! woooooo hoooooooo! My DH is the boat pilot and some serious fun was had after he rewired said boat - why did he have to rewire you ask??????????? nevermind, it's a long story, just suffice it to say that I got a call from Em telling me not to hurry out to the lake because the boat was "smoking" and Dad was not in a very good mood!

    Here we have the two girls, the two boys and Patti out on the float having a swim and getting prepared for some tubing fun!

    This fantastic (not) shot is of my dearest sister on the tube, before my dh sent her careening from side to side! I have to give her a ton of credit for holding on for 4 trips around the lake before flipping off!

    Here is the result of all of the bouncing on the tube! She loved it - or so she says ;)

    I have no pictures of the kids tubing as I have a HUGE aversion to watching my children (or any children for that matter) being pulled around behind a speeding boat on a rubber tube - therefore, Patti spotted and I visited.

    Here are the darlings "rock diving" in my pool - there were families of pebbles at the bottom of the pool and they were kind enough to don goggles and fish them out!
    We took the kids to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie - I liked it, but not nearly as much as the first one - and Patti and I went to see the Lake House - I loved that one :)
    On to the good stuff! Patti with her first attempt at dpn's (she did a fantastic job), beginning her very first sock - a baby sock.
    She hated the 2 x 2 rib, but had no trouble at all turning the heel!

    An absolutely adorable little baby sock! I think we have hooked in another sock knitter! :)
    Matt finally came back from school! YAY We have three tournaments this weekend and are supposed to be leaving for vacation, I have nothing packed (except my knitting and other craft essentials) and today we will be taking a trip to the orthodontist as Lyss's permanent retainer has worked its way loose. I have to work Thursday and Friday and the games begin Thursday night so I doubt I will have too much posting time before we take off. Enjoy the next couple of weeks and I'll try to catch up with Bloglines when I return :)
    I'll leave you with a couple of cute Beau Pictures (Matt too! lol)

    Comments on "~Good, Bad and New Sock Knitter~"


    Blogger Bethe said ... (7/12/2006) : 

    Good to "hear" from you! I was going to send an email today (no, really, I was) to see how you were. Glad you're all well (except for the teeth - I can recommend a good dentist if you want) and having fun. Enjoy your vacation and good luck at the tournaments!


    Blogger AmyArtisan said ... (7/12/2006) : 

    Whew - you've definitely been busy. The visit with your sister looks like it was a lot of fun - how cool to teach her sock knitting. Glad you enjoyed The Lake House - I think I'll end up getting the DVD when it comes out since I enjoyed it so much. :)


    Blogger Karen said ... (7/13/2006) : 

    I'm hoping the whole tooth trama will just be a distant memory soon. :) Looks like you guys had a great time tubing - I did it once and it was only sheer terror that kept me from falling off the tube. I don't think that's my "thing". I'll stay on the dock and knit next time. LOL I'm so impressed with Patti's little sock - I think you've got her hooked!! Great pic of Matt and Beau too. Take care and feel better.


    Blogger Patti said ... (7/13/2006) : 

    Hey Sis, the bruise is coming along nicely ;) The boys tell me it is now arrowhead shaped, and is now taking on a lovely red, purple and green hue, green being the main color LOL It was a blast and worth every bruise I got, I'm ready to go again, tell Mark to fire up the boat!! Going to whip out the DPN's and get going on... this time a pair of socks YAY! I need another craft to do ;) Miss you guys tons, to quote Andrew it was an "amazing" time. Hope your mouth is feeling better, do I have to get the wine out? Love, Patti


    Blogger Katt said ... (7/14/2006) : 

    Bummer about the Share along.

    Oooh sounds like you had a bit of a painful 2 weeks! Hope its a lot better for you now.

    Take care hun



    Anonymous amanda cathleen said ... (7/19/2006) : 

    Sorry to hear about your dentist! Finding a good one can be hard. I've been trying for years! Hope everything gets better soon!
    WOW! Patti got a good bruise! YAY! You hooked another one ; )


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