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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    ~Help Needed with the Comforting Jenn Project~

    ~Comforting Jenn~ First, I'd like to thank you all for your gorgeous contributions to Jenn's blanket and there are a few of you that I recently realized I have yet to thank and also post pictures of received squares - I'm so sorry - I will get those up, hopefully tonight, but if not tonight, very soon.

    I am one of those people that has a terribly hard time asking for help, so please bear with me. I had desperately wanted to get this blanket to Jenn sometime in January, but the holidays held us all up and I soon lost hope of that. I am losing all hope now of even getting it sewn together in the near future. Things here are absolutely out of control and without getting into the details, suffice it to say that I'm having trouble finding time to sleep let alone sew an afghan together, hence my need for help. You have all done so much for this project already, but if any of you have, or know of a knitting guild/group that would be willing to sew squares together, I would be forever grateful. I truly feel like a failure asking for more help, and am embarrassed, but I just don't know what else to do - I'm stretched as thin as I can go and had no place else to turn. My hope is to get this to her before June - which would have been Baby Sean's 1st Birthday.

    Thank you all, again, for everything you've done!

    Comments on "~Help Needed with the Comforting Jenn Project~"


    Blogger pacalaga said ... (3/29/2007) : 

    Can they be crocheted together? (It shows, but it's my new favorite way of attaching blanket pieces that don't have a motif to line up.) If you send me some I'll attach them, either according to the way you tell me or as they fall, and then send them back. Send me however many you want, if you want.


    Blogger kelli ann said ... (3/29/2007) : 

    you should be so hugely proud of all of your efforts -- it's quite a task to co-ordinate a collective project and you should be far from embarrassed about asking for help. we all come up against limits that change and develop and wax and wane with time & family & work & our own important projects, etc. etc. etc. as long as you're open about needing the help, the help will come freely, i know it will! i agree w pacalaga: crocheting can really bring disparate pieces together. hope you can delegate the sewing-up & looking forward to seeing the result!


    Anonymous amanda cathleen said ... (3/29/2007) : 

    you've done so much girl! It doesn't make you a bad person asking for help, makes you a better person! ((hugs))


    Blogger ~Kristie said ... (3/30/2007) : 

    Of all the times I wish I had a knitting group, it's right now! It's just me though. Do you ahve a knitting guild that would help or what about your local yarn store?

    Don't feel like a failure for asking for help. You absolutely positively are NOT a failure in any way! You are a wonderful woman!


    Blogger Katt said ... (4/01/2007) : 

    You have done well sweetie! And never be ashamed to ask for help in a situation like this! no one expects you to take it all on yourself. And you do have a very busy life..



    Blogger Rositta said ... (4/03/2007) : 

    I would help if I could but even sending the squares to me here in Canada is a bad idea. Stuff gets lost in customs I found so I'm sorry. I hope that you find help closer to home and feeling bad about it is a no go, you have done lots...:)ciao


    Blogger Stephanie said ... (4/05/2007) : 

    I will join the chorus: the last thing you are is a failure. You've done such an amazing thing for Jennifer--and I'm positive she knows and appreciates your generous friendship. I wish I could help you out, but I'm not your gal for this request.


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