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    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    ~Motherboard and Owl~

    Since I have the "first" post in a long time under my belt - thanks to the big fibery hug - I figured I better keep it going! I hope all of you "hug" knitters don't mind that I've wrapped my blog in the shawl/blanket as well as myself. I LOVE it and definately needed some comfort last night after talking to the people at the computer repair shop!


    My daughter that is in college has an HP laptop that is 17 months old. 1 year and 2 weeks after purchase the battery died - we coughed up 125.00 for a new battery..... ok, so things happen. At Christmas-time she came home and told me that the laptop doesn't always boot up, or it will boot up to a black screen, or shut down in the middle of a task, and one of the usb ports won't recognize her printer. Hmmmmmmmm... I spent a good week checking it out, updating her antivirus, running scans and updates etc. While she was in Italy (I'll save that for another post), I used it daily and it seemed to be fine. Well, to make a long story a little shorter, she called last Wednesday and said it wouldn't turn back on - after a bit of calming her down, talking and waiting it did boot up, but I went and retrieved it from her on Friday and dropped it off at the repair shop.

    As I put the laptop on the counter....... the owner grimaced at the sight of it - DEFINATELY NOT a good sign, and then proceeded to ask me... "is it about a year and a half old?, does the screen go black?, does it not boot up?, do you have problems with any of the usb ports?" After I retrieved my jaw from the floor, I replied yes to all. She tells me she had the same laptop that had the same problems two weeks out of the box and that she has had a parade of them coming through the shop. After running a "check" of the system it is determined that the Operating System (the original Vista) is corrupt, the Motherboard is on its way out and that it isn't worth repairing at $700.00. WHY HP didn't do a recall on this laptop is a mystery since the original Vista Operating System paired with the system board failures on this model laptop was a toxic mix!

    (Deep breath) so for now she is using a $299 ACER (which works fantastic, I might add) that I borrowed from work until I can get her another new laptop :( Do any of you have suggestions/experiences/warnings on laptops for me? I'd appreciate any input I can get before I go and purchase another one?

    On the knitting front, I've made a few small projects (have too many wip's to talk about though! ugh!), one of which was this little cutie, I did in Melyssa's college colors. Her college mascot is an owl ~ HOOT!

    Lyssa's Owl Lyssa's Owl with Mom's Talons

    The Pattern is Bramble Owl Softie

    • by: Sonia Philip
    • I used Caron Simply Soft from my stash in Blue, White and Gray
    • The inside of the wings was done in undyed Mohair
    • The only change I made to this pattern is, I knit talons for him as he looked odd to me without them
    • The pattern, although it is done in a LOT of pieces, was surprisingly quick to knit and put together (even though I dislike sewing pieces, I didn't mind this and would make it again)

    This little guy was a HUGE hit, now to make a College Penant for him to hold and he's ready to spread some college spirit! HOOOOOOT! :)

    Comments on "~Motherboard and Owl~"


    Blogger Karen said ... (2/26/2009) : 

    So glad to have you back and posting - and I love that the shawl is your new blog background!!! Awesome idea. That really stinks about the laptop - a computer should not die like that a little over a year after purchase. I just got a new Dell laptop and love it. My old Dell was great too - it was just time for a new one (old, slow, falling apart). Love that little owl. :)


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/26/2009) : 

    The owl is adorable! I love the shawl as your blog background.
    We bought H a Macbook Pro. It was extremely expensive but she's had it for 1 1/2 years and it is working as well as the day it came out of the box. I spent 3 weeks getting my father's laptop (a Toshiba- don't buy one of them even if it's free) to play nicely with Vista. I've had to work on his virus program (uninstalled the one that came with it and put in something else) and done bunches of windows updates. I hate to think how much it would have cost him to pay for all the work I've done.


    Blogger Cindy said ... (2/26/2009) : 

    I have a desktop. I'm not real comfortable with laptops, so I'm sorry, but I can't help. Your owl is simply adorable and it is so good to "hear" your voice again.


    Blogger Rositta said ... (2/26/2009) : 

    I have two laptops, an Acer that is kind of big and heavy and is hard to travel with. I bough myself a really cheap second hand (from a dealer) IBM Thinkpad T41 for about 300 bucks. It's small, light and I figured if I loose it traveling I won't obsess. I've had it a year and it works like a charm. I do occasionally have trouble booting it up so I just leave it on all the time. Best computer I ever owned, I don't even turn the Acer on any more...ciao

    PS. I hate vista and refuse to use it.


    Blogger Junie Moon said ... (2/27/2009) : 

    Sorry to hear about the computer issues. Every single HP (formerly Compaq) laptop I had was a problem needing replacement about every year. Way too expensive. I switched to Dell 3 years ago and all is well with my computing efforts.

    That owl is adorable. It's good to have a wise owl whispering words of wisdom in your ear.


    Blogger Larjmarj said ... (2/28/2009) : 

    What crap about the laptop, They should have done a recall. I would maybe look in to a class action suit? If there's enough people who had this problem, HP should have addressed it and corrected it immediately. I'd rumble on this one!! Sorry I'm on a bit of a soap box when it comes to corporate greed lately.

    The owl is super cute!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/28/2009) : 

    I adore your new background! It looks great, and a fantastic idea too.
    I <3 my laptop, and I don't think that I could ever go back to a desktop. That totally sucks about your daughter's laptop! Mike and I both have Dell's. We have the complete care, which we've used 2 in the past 3 years. Only problem calling in is getting someone you can't always understand *sigh*.
    L O V E the owl! No wonder he was such a hit, he is just too cute for words!


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