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    Friday, August 11, 2006

    ~The Dangerous Side of Beauty~

    The beauty of Summer....

    The color...

    A place to relax...
    Fresh Vegetables to Enjoy...
    (garden is much bigger, this picture is a month old)

    A little oasis for butterflies, birds, bees, dragonflies and so pretty to look at...
    HOWEVER.... this... plus this....
    can equal NEAR DISASTER!

    In the blink of an eye (or maybe 15-30 minutes) my little Beau managed to stretch his run enough to have access to our little oasis, and he proceeded to do something he has NEVER done before... he tore apart a plant... BUT not just ANY plant - he shredded up (a huge portion) and taste tested (a not so huge portion) of the Rhododendrun. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't the least bit upset that he tore it up, but after calling the vet and finding out that it is poisonous, my heart just about dropped out! So, in my nightgown, at 8:30 in the morning I was outside with a child's medicine spoon giving Beau Hydrogen Peroxide to make him give up the contents of his stomach - calling my husband to come home with a vehicle to bring Beau to the vet's office and trying to wake up the girls to get me some clothes to throw on.

    To make a long story a wee bit shorter, Beau spent the day at the vet's office receiving activated charcoal, IV fluids, an EKG and some sedation (to keep him from pulling out the IV fluids), and we spent the day praying.

    Here is the little guy resting... and showing off his battle scar (the girls dislike the shaved area of his leg) .

    The vet believes that he will be fine, and that we caught and reacted quickly enough to have kept the toxins from doing damage. It seems that the Rhododendrun (and the Azalea that is right next to it) toxin can damage the heart. We are incredibly grateful that we have our little guy back, seemingly healthy and back to his funloving self.

    So, for my "week off" (to hang out with the girls and Matt), I made three visits to the Chiropractor, brought Matt and Lyss to the Oral Surgeon for their consultation on having their Wisdom teeth out (surgery will be in November), brought little Beau for his shots and check up, picked up his frontline, heartworm medicine and food and THEN two days later brought him in for his emergency day. All in all, an EXTREMELY expensive and HIGH STRESS "week off", and yet I am feeling very blessed.

    I'm off to bed, I'll be up at 5 and we will be leaving at 5:45 for Nicole's last tournament weekend! Enjoy the wonderful weather (in New England at least), your pets (if you have them) and your weekend! Image Hosted by

    Comments on "~The Dangerous Side of Beauty~"


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (8/12/2006) : 

    Thank goodness he's doing better!!


    Anonymous amanda cathleen said ... (8/12/2006) : 

    oh no! Good thing you caught him in time!! How scary.
    I had my wisdom teeth surgicaly removed, very pleasent experance. Not anywhere close to as bad as having 4 teeth pulled for braces.


    Blogger Karen said ... (8/14/2006) : 

    Oh my, poor little Beau!!! I'm so glad you caught him right away and were able to get him prompt medical help. Poor poor little guy. I hope the rest of your weekend was much better than Friday.


    Anonymous Bethe said ... (8/14/2006) : 

    I'm so happy that Beau is alright! Even with all the recent running around, it sounds as though you had a wonderful vacation with the family, and we're glad you're back! (Hope they won the tournament, too!)


    Blogger Katt said ... (8/16/2006) : 

    Glad to hear that Beau is alright! Hope there is no late blooming side effects of it.

    Eeew about the wisdom teeth having to be removed.

    And I am sticking with I hope you get a quiet moment to yourself like I said last time I commented! lol



    Blogger Larjmarj said ... (8/20/2006) : 

    Uggghhh...I know all about those emergency trips to the vet and how frightening they can be. They should really offer sedation to both pets and humans!! At least you caught it and he's ok, that naughty little chocolate kiss! Give him a hug for me and thank you for the kind comments on my blog, they are much appreciated.


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