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    Saturday, March 25, 2006

    ~Ranting and Ravings of a Tightly Wound Woman~

    Beware..... rant ahead.....
    Am I the only person who has noticed that there is a SERIOUS lack of manners in our world today? I was raised to say please/thank you/you're welcome - these are small words, but they carry a HUGE amount of weight with me ~ more so than I even realized until recently. I work in a Catholic Elementary School and I am appalled at the lack of manners the majority of the children have, not to mention the lack of respect they show toward their "elders", let alone their peers. The fact that an adult has to REMIND children of ANY school age, that when an adult is talking it is rude for them to be talking at the same time, blows my mind! I have also been noticing that this afliction has permeated my own age group. My daughters and I stopped in at Walmart today to pick up a few things and in the course of about 15 minutes, two of my daughters had been bumped by carriages, I stood in an aisle for two or three minutes waiting for the woman who was looking at mascara to realize someone was standing there and maybe move her carriage out of the way, she didn't, I politely said excuse me and was met with a filthy look a huge disgusted sigh and finally the carriage was moved ~ my thank you was met with a second filthy/disgusted look. I noticed that my DAUGHTERS were saying excuse me to the people that hit THEM with the carriages, not the other way around! UNBELIEVABLE! I won't even go into the driving aspect of this epidemic, THAT alone would take up an entire page - it's beyond words. It has even edged into my little blog world, where I have ignored it and tried not to let it bother me because for the most part my blog "friends" are wonderful people. I am the type of person that will go out of my way to help someone with "how to" questions, where to find patterns/recipes/supplies, etc. etc. I have noticed lately that quite a few of these requests are worded in a way that insinuates that my help in any of these areas is expected ~ no please, no thank you, no tiny bit of appreciation. Don't take me wrong, I don't expect to be fawned over for helping someone, but a please or thank you would be nice, considering that my time is just as precious as everyone else's. I am truly disgusted and saddened by this, but I have regretfully decided that my email address will be taken off my blog if it continues. Am I alone in this? WHAT is happening to our society?

    Ok, getting off my soap box now. There HAS been knitting happening, not a lot, but some and I am so so happy about that. I started another pair of fingerless mitts, this time in Diakeito, which is a fantastic Japanese yarn, 50% Wool, 21% Mohair and 29% Nylon - so incredibly soft and easy to work with. These are moving along quickly and are a great project to carry along. I do believe that socks and mitts will be THE knitting for the Spring/Summer softball craziness that is My Life!


    We've had another crazy busy week at the Tightly Wound circus.... ~ work, softball, bridal shower, softball, meetings, softball .... you get the picture! lol Today, we will miss softball to go Prom Dress shopping as it is the only way we will be able to do it. Lyss and the High School Varsity Team have their first game this Thursday and we have a tournament for Nic this coming weekend, along with the Father/Daughter dance, Spaghetti suppers and such. I'm trying to catch up on laundry today and maybe go to the grocery store so we can eat this week. I'm going to have to break out the crockpot and leave it out or we will never have a decent meal again ;)! Have a fantastic Sunday!

    Comments on "~Ranting and Ravings of a Tightly Wound Woman~"


    Blogger Karen said ... (3/26/2006) : 

    *BIG HUG* Yes, I'm right there with you. There are times that I am horrified and saddened by the way people treat each other, both in "real life" and in "blog-land". I, for one, would like to sincerely thank you for all the tip, tricks, patterns and recipes you have been kind enough to share with us - you know that French Toast Bake has become a favorite in my house!!! I do hope the lack of manners of some doesn't sour you on blogging all together . . .we need you and love you. Fire up that crock-pot, take a deep breath, and know I'm thinking of you on your (yet again) busy week. Oh, and obviously you are doing a wonderful job teaching manners to your kids - although I agree the bumper should say excuse me, not the bumpee. And would it kill someone to say Thank You when you hold the door open for them? (I find myself rudely muttering "Your Welcome" under my breath.)


    Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said ... (3/27/2006) : 

    I totally gotcha on that one, saying please and thank you does not kill a person!! Mike isn't allowed to go grocery shopping with me for that very reason, because he wonders around aimlessly blocking the aisle. Drives me freaking nuts. Cause I hate it when people do it to me!! and he picks up a heck of a lot of junk food ; ) I've also learned not to go out on the first Tuesday of the month. No, never, ever, ever again!
    You are such a wonderful person Cathy, not only do I enjoy reading your posts, I love the comments that you leave on my blog (((hugs))) Enjoy softball season, and all the other acts in your Tightly wound Circus. Be sure to take a break during intermission! Your mitts are lovely! I love the yarn : D


    Blogger candsmom said ... (3/27/2006) : 

    I definitely agree with you! I'm not sure what's causing this rudeness epidemic, but it certainly seems to reflect the me/myself/I attitude that's so prevalent in society. Cathy, I have to sincerely apologize to you, because I'm afraid I might be one of the rude bloggers you're referring to. I'm terrible about replying to comments and I'm so sorry about that! Please know how much I appreciate the time you take to read and comment on my posts... and moreso, please know how much I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts!! I love seeing your pics of the family and trying your delicious recipes! Thank you for all the kindness and thoughtfulness you bring to Blogland! We need more people like you in this world... hugs and take care, Cathy! :-)


    Anonymous kimberly said ... (3/27/2006) : 

    Oh and I thought that was just a German epidemic!! Here the people are horribly rude. Everything you described happens to me on a daily basis.
    Sometimes I think everyone is trying to make so much money that they don't take the time to sit down with their kids and teach them manners. I see it a lot here. Mothers put their kids in day care so they can run back to work and their kids are thrown in with 10 -15 others to learn to 'defend' themselves. They have no role models because the teachers are so stressed out-they are just doing what they can to survive a day. At least that's what I see in my son's preschool. I was more or less forced to put him in at the age of three because there were no other kids around to play with during the day-you kind of have to follow the flow or they don't fit in.
    Sorry, but this is a touchy subject with me and I could go on for hours. So many people are out there for themselves it makes me very sad.
    Big hug for you!!


    Anonymous Bethe said ... (3/27/2006) : 

    I'm right there with you, Cathy. It drives me wild that people just don't seem to have any common decency anymore. Both in blog-land and in real life. I am so tired of rude people that don't know how to say please and thank you. I ran into this issue several months back in blog-land, and actually received emails from some real stinkers that felt I was wrong for expecting a thank you for a good deed done. It makes me sad (and just a bit P'd off) that so many people are so selfish, impatient, and in some cases, downright ignorant, that they can't take the time to be polite. The rudeness of most of the kids I come in contact with downright astounds me on a daily basis. I often find myself wondering what things are going to be like in another 10 years when these kids are grown and functioning in society?

    Oh, and you are 100% right about drivers. It would take an entire page to get that rant out of my system!

    {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}

    Have fun shopping for prom dresses and I hope the rest of your week is better!


    Blogger Debi said ... (3/28/2006) : 

    Boy do I hear you on this Cathy!! When did common decency and manners fall so off the radar of so many?? You know after hurricane Wilma I offered the pattern to the socks I knit INSIDE MY CLOSET during the disaster...I must have sent out 75 copies of my pattern yet maybe FIVE people asked about how I was! Here I was one step above homeless (practically) and everyone who asked for my pattern KNEW this because they had to read my blog to know there was a free pattern, yet almost NO ONE asked about me in any way. Just gimme gimme gimme! It totally broke my heart and almost made me stop blogging alltogether!

    So here's a ((((hug)))), we can't let them get to us, right? :)


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